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PSPL's IT consulting group helps companies respond to these challenges by leveraging practical, leading edge technologies to transform their business. PSPL assists companies in aligning their IT investments with their business strategies and transition their IT capabilities (organization, process and enabling technologies) into the era of the Internet, extranets and network computing. PSPL IT consulting group utilizes innovative tools, automated analysis and our own intellectual property to give customers insight into what is driving IT complexity. We can deliver a set of practical executable plans for simplifying IT infrastructure, helping reduce operating costs while freeing up resources for new business initiatives. We seek better answers than traditional service models, based on our belief that consulting should not need armies of people. Our unique approach to services gives you the flexibility to select only those point services that meet your needs or choose our end-to-end solution.

Our consulting methodology is based on intellectual property and reference architecture developed through proof of concept testing in our solution centers, rounded out with the real-world experience of supporting many customer implementations. We take advantage of innovative tools and automated analysis to avoid labor or time intensive consulting engagements to deliver rapid results.

We offer end-to-end solutions to provide a single source and point of contact for hardware, software, service and on-going support. In a time when many providers aspire to do everything, we focus on IT infrastructure services excellence. PSPL IT consulting can help you maximize the value of your information technology investments and create an efficient, effective and scalable IT infrastructure.

OpenStack Consulting

OpenStack software controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard or via the OpenStack API. OpenStack works with popular enterprise and open source technologies making it ideal for heterogeneous infrastructure.

Hundreds of the world's largest brands rely on OpenStack to run their businesses every day, reducing costs and helping them move faster. OpenStack has a strong ecosystem, and users seeking commercial support can choose from different OpenStack-powered products and services in the Marketplace.

We, A Team of Red Hat Certified Architects [RHCA], Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist [RHCDS] and Red Hat Certified Openstack Administrators & Engineers can design, deploy, support and manage your Openstack infrastructure.

Ceph & Gluster Storage

Ceph is a OpenSource distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability. Due to its scale out nature it has been proved as fantastic replacement to traditional SAN devices for block storage on RBD and iSCSI.

GlusterFS is a OpenSource scalable network filesystem replacing your traditional NAS devices. Using common off-the-shelf hardware, you can create large, distributed storage solutions for media streaming, data analysis, and other data- and bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Our tremendous experience on Ceph and Gluster can help you implement a reliable, distributed and unified scale-out storage for your any kind of storage requirements.

DevOps Consulting

Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Puppet & Ansible. This products and technologies help you roll out application faster and efficiently by creating a standard deployment environment for your Dev, QA and production environment. Puppet & Ansible help in configuration management and automation in a large scale environment. It provides a standard way of delivering and operating software, no matter where it runs. With the Puppet approach, you define what you want your apps and infrastructure to look like using a common easy-to-read language. From there you can share, test and enforce the changes you want to make across your datacenter. And at every step of the way, you have the visibility and reporting you need to make decisions and prove compliance. Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery.

This may sound good and yet complex to implement and understand. Our DevOps consultants help you to fulfil your DevOps strategy and roadmap using this tools leading to accelerated delivery cycle. We help you implement and also train your team to meet future requirements.

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